Update lol cute boy text me back and he’s the worst fucking texter alive lol lol just girly things lol being an over dramatic little bitch lol lol bye

Here are some pictures I took today when I explored the mountains here in Salt Lake today; needless to say, it was an absolutely phenomenal and successful day. I’m so in love with exploring and adventuring.




Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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I feel so fucking stupid, why did I even try? Why do I think cute boys will like me? I made a huge mistake when I left you behind and I regret it. And I feel even more stupid because we didn’t even have a thing for THAT long but god damn, have I ever met someone as genuine and sincere as you? No. You’re amazing and I’ve ruined my chances and I’m a stupid girl with stupid emotions and I just wanna buy so called boy ice cream and kiss his handsome face. 😞 and now he won’t even text me back and I feel dumb because I’m probably over thinking or idk. I just wanna not think about boys but I’m stressed.


when your crush  starts a conversation but decides to ignore you after 5 minutes.

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